Oulun Lohet are cancelling practices due to the coronavirus COVID-19
14.3.2020 14:15 Uutiset / Jaoston pääsivusto

Read here the updated release (eng) about the cancellations due to the coronavirus situation


The board of Oulun Lohet ry had an additional meeting on the 13th of March about the actions amid COVID-19. The club is following the recommendations and regulations of the authorities and most of all, Oulun Lohet want to act responsibly.

All of our club´s swimming schools and most of the groups' practices will be cancelled until the 12th of April starting from today, the 14th of March. Some of the competitive groups and adult´s groups will still continue with the practices but those groups are being informed by the coaches.

We will follow the situation actively and inform our members, in case there will be any changes.

The Board of Oulun Lohet ry

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